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The latest headlines from SKY News
20th January, 03:00

US government shuts down after budget talks fail

The US government has shut down after politicians failed to agree a new budget, leaving hundreds of thousands of federal workers on unpaid leave.
20th January, 02:49

Facebook to fight 'fake news' with trust surveys

Facebook has unveiled its latest bid to fight the spread of "fake news" by allowing users to rank trustworthy media outlets.
20th January, 00:29

Tom Petty died from accidental overdose

US musician Tom Petty died last year from an accidental drug overdose, his family have revealed.
19th January, 21:58

Why has the US government shut down?

As the US government shuts down, Sky News' US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch explains the reasons for the deadlock and how it could affect America.
19th January, 21:11

Trump and May to hold talks in Davos

Theresa May and Donald Trump will meet for talks at the World Economic Forum in Davos next week, Downing Street said.
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