Thursday 23rd September 2021 - 21:18
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23rd September, 20:07

Man arrested on suspicion of murder of Sabina Nessa

A 38-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of teacher Sabina Nessa, police have said.
23rd September, 17:26

Lava spread raises fears of more damage on Spanish island as it rises 50 feet in places

The advance of lava from a volcanic eruption in Spain's Canary Islands has slowed, rising in some places up to 50 feet as it thickens.
23rd September, 13:46

Dozens more dolphins killed in Faroe Islands less than two weeks after record slaughter

Some 52 dolphins have been slaughtered in the Faroe Islands less than two weeks after the killing of a record 1,428.
23rd September, 13:34

Motorists urged by Number 10 to 'shop for fuel as usual' as BP shuts some petrol stations

Motorists have been urged by the government to "shop for fuel as usual" after BP said it had closed some of its petrol stations due to supply issues.
23rd September, 10:45

Is Britain running on empty? Here's what we're short of and the industries under threat

From "cancelled" Christmas dinners to numerous energy suppliers collapsing and items missing from supermarket shelves, many industry experts claim Britain is in crisis.
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