Thursday 21st January 2021 - 23:16
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21st January, 20:08

'Say goodbye to your wife and unborn baby': The nightmare of one father as COVID hit his family

Imagine being told to prepare for the worst: your pregnant partner and the unborn baby inside her, are unlikely to survive. 
21st January, 18:51

Biden signs 10 executive orders to curb spread of coronavirus in US

Joe Biden has signed 10 executive orders aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus across the United States.
21st January, 18:03

Bars and restaurants should stay shut until May, government adviser says

Bars and restaurants should stay shut until May, a government adviser has said.
21st January, 17:01

New £800 fine for people who break lockdown rules by attending house parties

A new £800 fine for those who flout coronavirus rules by attending house parties will come into force next week.
21st January, 10:38

Record daily number of vaccines given, as new death figures revealed

Almost five million people have been given a first dose of a COVID vaccine, as the UK recorded another 1,290 deaths and 37,892 cases, figures show.
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