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The latest headlines from SKY News
16th July, 23:38

Customs bill passes despite Remainer backlash

Theresa May has only just squeezed through a series of tight House of Commons votes on key legislation, after stirring up a Tory Remainer backlash by siding with her party's Brexiteers.
16th July, 21:18

23 injured after lava hits Hawaii tour boat

At least 23 people have been injured after lava smashed through the roof of a tour boat following an explosion in Hawaii.
16th July, 20:31

Could Trump's 'disgraceful' comments get him impeached?

The Trump-Putin show in Helsinki was extraordinary.
16th July, 20:24

Russian woman charged with infiltrating US groups

A Russian woman has been charged with infiltrating US political organisations at the direction of a senior Kremlin official.
16th July, 19:04

Trump flies home to storm after backing Putin over FBI

Donald Trump is heading back to the US and into a furious storm of controversy after suggesting he trusts Vladimir Putin over his own intelligence services.
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