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The latest headlines from SKY News
26th September, 00:55

Daredevil cliff jumpers 'risking their lives for likes'

Daredevils attempting dangerous cliff dives in a quest for likes has led to an increase in costly helicopter airlifts in California, police say.
25th September, 21:41

Corbyn to attack 'greed-is-good capitalism'

Jeremy Corbyn will round off Labour's conference with a blistering attack on "greed-is-good capitalism" and promises of more free childcare and a "green jobs revolution".
25th September, 20:25

PM rejects calls for election over Brexit

Theresa May has rejected Labour's demands for an early general election, saying a snap vote "would not be in the national interest".
25th September, 19:12

Bill Cosby led away in cuffs after being jailed

Television actor Bill Cosby has been jailed for up to a decade for sexually assaulting a woman in 2004.
25th September, 15:25

WWII bombing raids 'shook the edge of space'

Shock waves from bombing raids on Germany during the Second World War were powerful enough to alter the atmosphere at the edge of space, scientists have discovered.
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